1. I Am Canadian


I Am Canadian

I thank the farmer workin day and night
The oil driller, sinkin steel pipe
This land is so diversified we must be doin something right
I thank the men and women who freed this land
They make me proud of who I am,
and for that right they gave their lives
so I’ll use this song to set things right

I am Canadian, I live my life doing the best I can
Country to country I’m your friend
There’s no better country to live in
French or English whatever I am
Where I’m from or where I’ve been
I take pride in who I am cuz
I am Canadian

There’s one thing I’ve found in all my years
we make world class plastic and world class steel
There’s only one place to find the best beer
Can this country really be real
People come here just to get away
They always wish that they could stay
And when it comes to leaving this great land
They wish they could all be Canadian


Pacific to Atlantic we stand strong
Whenever anyone wants to cause us harm
United by peace and ethnic pride we stand by our neighbour to protect that right
Our arms are open to the world
The air is clean and the water tastes good
Well there I said it what more can I say
Oh ya, welcome to Canada eh! (Beer can effect)


I am Canadian, I am Canadian
I am Canadian…