My Life & Inspiration

Story of musical inspiration JT grew up as an Air Force brat traveling around to all parts of Canada and even to Germany, finally settling at CFB Edmonton. His life seemed like a whirlwind of picking up and settling down only to leave school again for our next station. This moving around was hard and sometimes disappointing because he would have to leave friends and start over again. With all this change there was always one constant – Music.

His father was an accomplished guitar player and any time he could pick it up he would be playing a mix of Johnny Cash, Elvis, Eagles, Roy Orbison or even some Beatles. JT always found something therapeutic about music but more specifically Country music. It is the stories that are being told that just seemed to make sense no matter at what your age was.

JT has a very musical family, singers, guitar players, drummers, piano, saxophone, trumpet, harmonica and even the spoons. Family gatherings were looked forward to as it would always seem to break out into a jam of old family favorites.

JT has been performing since he was about eight years old and took beginner guitar lessons early in life. He found it to be quite the challenge so he switched over to drums and excelled at it. JT continues to plays drums, but returned to playing the guitar as he started serious song writing.

JT never really thought that he could sing outside of his car or shower, it was kind of by accident that he found his voice. Out of town with a few co workers (Environmental drillers) enjoying a cool drink in a small town pub, a karaoke show was filling the room with music. JT was dared to get up and sing a song of which required a little liquid inspiration. He performed the Richard Marx song “Right Here Waiting” to a standing ovation.

Hearing the applause and the “Well Done” comments he was hooked and began performing and eventually competing and winning all over the Midwestern U.S., Alberta and Ontario.

JT finds inspiration for his songwriting writing in his life experiences and the people around him or in some cases not around him (original song “Thanks Mom, For Being My Dad”).

He has a huge respect for the Armed Forces, as he knows how hard that life can be but also the risk that these brave people take. JT has been searching for just the right words to say how proud he is of all the unsung hero’s of Canada in a way that both gives something back and put’s a smile on their face at the same time.

JT has finally written the original song that will do just that, called “I Am Canadian”.

This is how the dream to sing, write and record his music came about. So he set some small achievable goals and began his journey.

The culmination of this touching and inspirational CD creation has been a life long dream for JT and I think you will agree that it was well worth the wait.